Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Okay I don't know how many of you partake in running but the Flying Irish have some great runs all summer and if you want to let loose Or be seen, I guess, than here you go :) 
  This Thursday come celebrate summer’s arrival at the Flying Irish’s Second Annual Underwear Run!  Come dressed in appropriate attire as we wave good bye to one of the weirdest springs ever.  Hopefully we don’t blind too many people (500 + people can do that).  As always, its up to you if you choose to dress in the themed attire however if you do choose to partake please keep in mind State/City decency laws (i.e. at least have IT covered up) and what is required to gain entrance into Ripples/ Red Lion (we are back at the Hotel on the River this week).  Regardless, have fun and strip down!  Plus, DJ Marathon will be back this week providing some entertainment.  
The Irish know how to have fun!! '